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Lower East Side

Downtown's hottest neighborhood.

In the nineteenth and early twentieth century, the Lower East Side was known as a hub for European immigrants, as well as the center of Jewish life in New York City. In large part due to a booming bar and club scene, the Lower East Side is a great choice for Manhattanites who want to have the nightlife scene right outside their doorstep. The unpretentious, no-frills attitude of the Lower East Side draws people from all walks of life, contributing to the neighborhood’s unique and eclectic identity. A pathway along the East River is a scenic option for walking, biking, and even fishing. From here, you can access great views of the Williamsburg Bridge. At dusk, the mood quickly picks up with activities that act as a prelude to late-night events. The LES is also known for its art scene, with smaller, contemporary galleries sprinkled across the neighborhood.

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