Top 5 Things to Do in Midtown East

Midtown East is an exciting New York City neighborhood full of fascinating attractions and charming establishments. With its central location in Manhattan, it’s a highly frequented destination with a lively atmosphere. Many global businesses are located in the area, and many proud residents call the community home. From the bustling entertainment scene to the trendy local boutiques, there’s no limit to opportunities to have a fun time out in Midtown East.
Having served the Midtown East community for many years, Lyndsey Casagrande have gotten to know all the ins and outs of the neighborhood. Handling an array of properties throughout the Midtown East real estate market while assisting buyers and sellers, his ample time spent in the area has taught him all the best local attractions and the greatest ways to spend a day. When helping people get acquainted with Midtown East, Kenny always suggests certain activities to those thinking about moving to the area so they can experience the top-notch lifestyle it offers.
While planning your next day in the neighborhood, consider adding these five things to do in Midtown East.

Spot phenomenal architecture

Spot phenomenal architecture
Midtown East is full of breathtaking buildings with phenomenal architecture, and one of the best ways to spend a day in the neighborhood is by walking around and seeing how many spectacular styles you can spot. Be sure to keep your eyes on the skies as you walk through the bustling streets, as the area is one of the best in the city for seeing iconic structures.
Many people consider Art Deco to be one of New York City’s most defining architectural fashions, with its popularity often being linked to the 1920s era. The Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Center both exhibit the type, so be on the lookout for these impressive landmarks in the community.
The Gothic Revival style, often used in New York City in the mid-19th century after originating in 18th century England, can also be seen at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Wonderful exhibits of the Beaux-Arts style, which emerges in Paris at the École de Beaux-Arts and is known for incorporating elements of elegance and grandeur into its designs, can also be seen in Midtown East in historic structures like Grand Central Terminal.

Go on a shopping spree

Go on a shopping spree
There’s a fabulous shopping scene in Midtown East, and one of the best things to do in the neighborhood is to treat yourself to a bit of retail therapy. There is no shortage of high-end stores, and they’re all within a walkable radius. Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue are especially popular, so it’s easy to spend a full day dedicated to browsing through the shops. Some of the biggest names in fashion are sold in Midtown East, and the apparel selection in each store is always up-to-date with the latest trends. The community also has a variety of businesses, ranging from technology to toys, so that shoppers can find a wide array of items.

Enjoy some time outdoors

New York City can be hectic at times, and taking a break from the hustle and bustle by enjoying some time outdoors is an excellent way to spend time in Midtown East. Bryant Park lies near the border of Midtown East and is one of the city’s greatest gems, and visiting for a few hours is always a blast. From musicians playing ballads on the piano to street performers like jugglers entertaining the crowds, even a walk through the park can be a joy. It hosts lots of events as well, such as movie nights and musical concerts, which are always fun to attend.
Bryant Park also boasts a fantastic social environment, with programs such as yoga and tai chi, games like ping pong and chess, and plenty of areas to spread a blanket on the lawn and have a picnic. The carousel is a particular staple the park is known for, and the winter activities available keep people visiting year-round.

Marvel at world-class artwork

Marvel at world-class artwork
Many of the best artists the world has ever seen have their work on display in New York City, and establishments in Midtown East and around its vicinity showcase some magnificent works. The Museum of Modern Art, commonly referred to as the MoMA, showcases a first-class collection that will take your breath away. Located just over 5th Avenue, it offers visitors a chance to gaze at art by masters like Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso in a classy setting.

Dine on delectable cuisine

Dine on delectable cuisine
The culinary scene in Midtown East is outstanding, and spending time in the neighborhood without dining on delectable cuisine from one of its local establishments would be robbing yourself of a delicious experience. From grab-and-go eateries known for specialty items to fine-dining restaurants serving multi-course meals, the community has it all. Lots of different international flavors can be found, such as Japanese staples at sushi bars and Italian classics at chic bistros, so you’ll be able to find a menu suitable for any type of food you’re craving. Hotspots with relaxing ambiances, such as La Grenouille, an Haute French restaurant serving mouth-watering dishes in a sophisticated space with colorful decor, can be found all over the region, so diners have plenty of options to pick from.
Midtown East is truly a wonderful neighborhood, and there’s no shortage of ways for residents and visitors to have a fun time. While spotting architecture, shopping, relaxing outdoors, looking at artwork, and spoiling yourself with a marvelous meal are some of the best things to do in Midtown East, the possibilities in the community and its region are limitless.
If you’re looking to move to Midtown East or its surrounding neighborhoods and are looking for a real estate professional to assist you, contact Kenny and Lyndsey today. As experts on real estate in Midtown East, their team has valuable insight into its housing market and knows how to navigate its competitive climate. From showing you all the best homes for sale during your property search to giving you tips on the best community attractions when it’s finally time to move in, Kenny and Lyndsey can work with you from beginning to end to help you through a smooth home transition.
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