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 Inside the NYC real estate portfolio of HBO's 'Succession' and how much it's worth


HBO’s Succession gives you a taste of the indulgent lifestyle of New York’s wealthiest by taking you through the life and times of the fictional Roy family. Succession creator Jesse Armstrong uses more than just the setting of New York City to play out this intense family drama by choosing some of the most eye-catching sets and locations for the series. If you have a burning desire to know where across town you can find the Roy family’s real estate, keep reading! 


Cousin Greg’s TriBeca Condo

In Succession, Cousin Greg inserts himself in the inner-circle of the Roys, allowing him to go from vomiting in his dragon suit at the theme park to living in one of the swankiest buildings in TriBeca. In season two, we watch Greg’s horrific, yet accurate low-budget apartment search. Just as he begins to give up hope, he gets a call from Kendall. Kendall recently purchased multiple luxury loft-style apartments in a TriBeCa condo and offers Greg a temporary place for free in one of said apartments on one condition - Kendall gets to party there as he pleases. With over 4,200 square feet of interior space and 25 foot ceilings, there is definitely more than enough space. We know this to be the Shigeru Bon designed Cast Iron House (67 Franklin Street.) This means Cousin Greg could be living in $4.4M - $8M apartment rent free. Would you deal with Kendall’s non-stop partying for this insane deal? 


Address: 67 Franklin Street, Estimated Value $5,500,000


Kendall’s Upper East Side Townhouse

In season one, before the divorce proceedings get real we see Kendall and Rava’s brief reunion in what seems to be their former family home in the Upper East Side. The façade of the building is definitely 10 East 75th Street, but it is unclear if the interior is a set. The townhouse in question consists of seven stories, over 10,000 square feet of interior space and a large, private outdoor garden


Address: 10 East 75th Street, Estimated Value $28,000,000


Shiv & Tom’s Apartment in Greenwich Village

This is one of the most slept-on Succession apartments. In season one, we see glimpses of Shiv and Tom’s Pre-War NoHo loft. With a private elevator, gaudy chandeliers and recently updated kitchen, this is the least ostentatious out of all of the homes of the Roy children. We found this apartment to be a co-op located at 714 Broadway in NoHo just minutes from Washington Square Park, Astor Place and The Bowery. 


Address: 714 Broadway, Estimated Value $4,500,000


Rava’s Penthouse in the Woolworth Tower Residences

In season three, the Roy children (and Cousin Greg) use Kendall’s estranged wife Rava’s apartment in the Woolworth Tower as their “war room” to plot the end of Logan Roy’s reign at Waystar Royco. The fabulous duplex in the Woolworth Tower Residences features over 6,700 square feet of interior space and over 2,500 square feet of private outdoor space. The apartment sold recently in 2022 (likely with the help of its starring role in season three episode  two ‘Mass in the Time of War.’)


Address: 2 Park Place - Estimated Value: $19,500,000.


Kendall’s Penthouse in Hudson Yards 

In season three, episode seven titled “Too Much Birthday,” we get to see Kendall’s extravagant 40th birthday. Some people buy a motorcycle during their midlife crisis, while Kendall decides to buy a multimillion-dollar penthouse in the booming Hudson Yards. With over 10,000 square feet of interior space and a balcony overlooking the whole city, Kendall turns 40 in style. 35 Hudson Yards is a mixed-use development by Related with where the prices average $2,700/per square foot.


Address: 35 Hudson Yards, Estimated Value $38,000,000


Roman’s Chelsea Townhouse

In season two, Roman begins dating Tabitha, who happens to be the same girl in the key part of a very embarrassing story at Tom’s bachelor party. In a strange attempt to get closer to Shiv, Roman invites Tom and Shiv to dine with him and Tabitha in his ostentatious townhouse in Chelsea. With over 11,000 square feet of interior space, and over 2,300 square feet of outdoor space, topped off with a private garage, this dinner would be hard to pass up regardless of who the hosts are. 357 West 17th Street is developed by Girona Ventures

Address: 357 West 17th Street, Estimated Value: $22,000,000

Logan’s 5th Avenue Townhouse

Logan’s Fifth Avenue townhouse is the pinnacle of all townhouses. The actual make of the building is 15,000 square feet in the building less commonly known to New Yorkers as The American Irish Historical Society. The majority of the interior is a set built in Silvercup Studios (LIC), but an architectural and interior design masterpiece nonetheless. SPOILER: In the final season, Marcia puts an official price on this listing by making a deal over a handshake with the eldest Roy, Connor.


Address: 991 5th Avenue, Estimated Value $63,000,000

Shiv & Tom’s TriBeCa Penthouse

In season three, Shiv and Tom trade their Greenwich Village loft in for a swanky penthouse in TriBeca at 270 Broadway. This unit is two penthouses combined and specially stylized by architect Steven Harris Architects LLP. With over 8,000 square feet of interior space and a wraparound terrace estimated to be over 1,000 square feet with views of City Hall, the Brooklyn Bridge, World Trade Center, and the Woolworth Tower. 


Address: 270 Broadway, Estimated Value $20,000,000

Kendall’s Upper East Side Penthouse

In season four, we get to watch Kendall, Roman, and Shiv strategize their final attempt to oust Logan from Waystar Royco after the acquisition of (PGM.) With over 5,500 square feet of interior space and over 4,000 square feet of outdoor space, this luxe penthouse in Carnegie Hill is one of the latest DDG Partners projects

Address: 180 East 88th Street, Estimated Value $29,000,000



Roman’s Upper West Side Penthouse

In the final season, we get to take a look inside Roman’s Upper West Side penthouse at 200 Amsterdam. This duplex penthouse has over 6,300 square feet of interior space and is the latest SJP Properties development and the tallest residential tower in the Upper West Side. Not a bad place to pre-grieve? 


Address: 200 Amsterdam Avenue Estimated Value: $38,000,000

The series finale of Succession aired on Sunday, May 28 9 p.m. E.T. 

The research of this article was done purely by real estate professionals and knowledge of  product in New York City. If you're thinking of buying or selling a luxury home, reach out to one of the experienced local agents on the Casagrande Team for help. We would be happy to assist you with your search.

Thank you to Jennifer Caro, our episode research consultant.


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