How Realtors Can Find Homes Before They’re Listed

The best homes often sell quickly, especially in a competitive market. If you’re a buyer looking for homes for sale, you may wonder how you can find homes before they’re listed. Sometimes the best way to gain a competitive edge when shopping for homes is to partner with a realtor who often hears about new homes before they officially come onto the market. Here are a few of the most common ways that real estate agents often find homes before they’re listed.

They work with sellers

Most agents are working with multiple buyers and sellers at the same time. Perhaps they are helping a seller put a home on the market and they know that this is a property that you would have interest in based on what you have told them about what you’re looking for in a home. They will have to disclose to you that they are representing the seller because of the potential for a conflict of interest, but it can be a great way to learn about new homes that are coming onto the market before the public becomes aware. The agent will have extensive knowledge about the property because of the work that they have done with the seller, and they will be able to thoroughly answer many of the questions that you’ll have. It’s important to note that dual agency is illegal in certain states, and comes with unique concerns for the agent as well as both parties who they are representing.

They network with other agents

If your agent has been working in the same area for many years, they have likely developed relationships with local real estate agents. Perhaps they met at a local networking event, or maybe they have worked together on deals in the past. This benefits you as a buyer because they will often hear about new properties from fellow agents before they come onto the market. 

Listing agents will often tell other realtors in the community about homes they are preparing to sell in case they are currently working with any buyers who might have interest in seeing the property. You’ll find that this gives you a head start on scheduling in-person showings or making plans to attend an open house. 

They know about the local market

Perhaps your agent has a strong knowledge about a specific community or area in town that gives them a sense for when a home is about to come on a market. Maybe they know of a homeowner who has been thinking about selling for a while and they are able to keep tabs on what that person is thinking and when they may take the next step towards listing a home for sale. 

They know about private exclusives

Sometimes homes will sell without ever coming onto the public market. These are called pocket listings,or “Private Exclusives” through Compass. There can be several reasons why the sales are kept private. Maybe the seller wants to protect their privacy, or maybe they aren’t seriously considering moving and they simply want to see what sort of offers or interest they can generate. Regardless, realtors are more likely to know about pocket listings thanks to their connections in the area. Work with your Compass agent to find private exclusives you can only see through

They use cutting-edge technology

Many agents utilize marketing tools such as social media platforms and email campaigns to stay connected with potential clients. Sometimes these tools can allow agents to hear about new properties before they come onto the market. Another common tool that real estate agents often use is the MLS, or Multiple Listing Service. This is a platform that only licensed agents can access, and sellers will pay a small fee to put their home on the MLS. Sometimes homes will come on the MLS before they are officially available if the seller wants to generate interest in the form of a “coming soon” listing. This gives the seller additional time to finish renovations or work on staging the home. 

They hear from potential clients

Once an agent develops a reputation in a particular area, they may hear from potential clients on a regular basis who are interested in hiring them to help with their home sale. Sometimes the process of preparing a home to sell can take several weeks. In addition to determining a price point for the home and performing any necessary repairs or upgrades, the agent and the seller may decide that it makes more sense to wait for a future season to put the home on the market. In the meantime, the agent knows that the seller is preparing to list the home and can let other clients know about the home’s potential availability. 

They attend open houses

Sometimes realtors will attend open houses to represent another client who they are working with. Maybe they are hosting an open house as a listing agent for a client who is selling. This gives them an opportunity to connect with buyers who are shopping for homes as well as the agents who are representing them. As they have conversations with prospective buyers, they may learn about other properties that are available for sale. It’s common for people to buy and sell homes at the same time, and maybe a buyer attends an open house who is also working on selling another property. Maybe they engage with an agent who mentions another home in the area that’s about to come on the market. There are a variety of ways that new home listings can come up once agents begin talking with each other. 

The experienced agents with The Casagrande Team often find homes before they’re listed thanks to their extensive knowledge of the local market and their wide network of connections. They help buyers gain a further competitive edge with their expert negotiating skills and their awareness of the best area neighborhoods. Reach out to their team when you’re ready to begin shopping for a new home in the area. They will be more than happy to assist you.


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