7 Ways to Increase The Number of Offers on Your Midtown East House

Selling in the Manhattan market requires finesse and expertise. Homeowners who want to list their Midtown East house this year should know that a successful sale takes time and preparation. In other parts of the country, where local markets are in the hands of the sellers, demand is high enough to provide homeowners with more flexibility in pricing and quicker transaction. In Midtown East, the market is a buyer’s market, meaning the number of available homes outweighs buyer demand.
Those looking to sell can still get top-dollar for their property if they partner with expert real estate professionals who know how to maximize the number of offers their clients receive. To get things started, review this list of seven of the top ways to bring in multiple offers for your Midtown East house.

1. Make sure your home is ready to sell

Make sure your home is ready to sell
When selling your home in Midtown East, especially in a market where buyers have more negotiation power, you’ll want to make your home as appealing as possible. Homes for sale in Midtown East are luxurious and beautiful, and odds are you won’t have to do too much to get yours market-ready. But if you’re looking for ways to increase the number of offers you’ll receive on your home, consider starting by having your property inspected.
Professional inspectors will examine all the systems within your home, from plumbing and electrical to heating and cooling, to ensure everything is still in good shape. They’ll take a look at your windows and doors, water fixtures, ceilings, and floors to determine whether anything needs repair. If your inspector finds something to fix, it’s a good idea to get that completed before listing your home. That way, you can inform buyers that your property was recently inspected and repaired.

2. Consider updating the interior

Consider updating the interior
Once you’ve completed any necessary repairs, an updated interior can take your home one step further and make a huge difference with buyers. Those investing in Manhattan real estate want to get the most out of their purchase, and many are looking for properties that feel new and modern.
A great place to start is by repainting the interior. Top paint colors include a mix of subdued, earthy tones with classic neutrals and pops of color. When repainting the walls, stick to colors that go well with everything. Bigger changes to the interior could be wise as well, so long as the rooms feel cohesive and refined. Working with a Midtown interior designer familiar with luxury properties could be a great way to ensure your home features the latest in luxury interior styles. Finally, make sure your water features, light fixtures, and appliances are all top-of-the-line and updated.

3. Invest in professional home staging

Invest in professional home staging
Alongside interior changes, the next most important piece of the home selling puzzle is a stellar listing page. Sellers who hope to bring in the highest number of offers can’t spare any expense when it comes to crafting the perfect page, and it all starts with home staging.
Professional home stagers are experts in preparing a home for viewings and photography. Essentially, a team of stagers will come in and determine how to arrange your furniture and decor to maximize each room’s appeal to buyers. They may use what you already have on hand or bring in their own items, depending on what buyers are looking for most. Home staging, along with professional photography, has been shown to have a significant impact on the final sales price and the amount of time a home spends on the market.

4. Hire a real estate photographer

Hire a real estate photographer
Once a Midtown East house is staged and polished, sellers will want to hire a photographer with ample real estate experience. Professional photographers are skilled in capturing a property in its best light. Using specialized equipment, they can create stunning images of each room in your home that show off its best features.
Listings that feature images of each room are more likely to draw in buyers than listings that only show the building or a few pictures of the kitchen and living space. With the majority of buyers heading to the web to find potential properties, it’s never been more important to have top-quality photography included on your listing page.

5. Emphasize your home’s unique features

Emphasize your home’s unique features
In capturing your home from multiple angles, photographers will be able to help you emphasize its best features. But further than that, you’ll want to highlight any unique features your home has, too. What makes your property stand out from others in the area? Using photography and your listing description are key ways to let buyers see the finishing touches that make your property the perfect place to call home.

6. Find the perfect price

Another way to draw in more offers for your home is to set a strong price. You’ll want to work with your realtor to have your home valued and appraised, ensuring you have a good estimate for what it’s worth. From there, you may want to adjust the price to entice more buyers to put in an offer. You want to toe the line between ensuring you’re getting what you hope for out of your sale and making sure your price reflects the fair market value of your home.

7. Work with a top realtor

Work with a top realtor
The most important piece of the puzzle when selling a home in Midtown East is partnering with an expert real estate team. Teams familiar with Manhattan’s unique neighborhood markets can provide sellers with insight and resources regarding preparing, valuing, and marketing their homes.
If you’re hoping to list your property this year, consider hiring The Casagrande Team. With a commitment to integrity and transparency, the Casagrande Team assists clients selling luxury properties across Manhattan. The sale of your home deserves expert attention. So, when you’re ready to start the process, reach out to The Casagrande Team.


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